Continuing to work on my New Years Resolutions (or goals or whatever they are called), I have taken yet another huge stride. This time I am doing something I am scared of and saying YES.

When I first started to blog, I was so worried about my grammar and what people will think about what I have to say and judge me for my thoughts and thought process. After a while, the five people that read my blog told me to write how I talk. They said it is much more entertaining that way. So, that is what I did. I wrote how I talked and inserted thoughts that ran through my head as I was typing even if it went off on a tangent. Fast forward to last month, I got contacted to be a guest blogger on a well known North American website!

Scared, yes.

Hesitant, yes.

Read over my resolutions/goals and then said YES!!

Starting this month, I will be a guest blogger at Wedding Recycle. I will be sharing my advice on some typical and not so typical wedding dilemmas. Some of the topics will include: Having a slacker bridesmaid; dealing with uninvited guests; or fighting with your fiancé on the day of your wedding.

My first blog post on Wedding Recycle is scheduled for March 16, 2016. Make sure you check it out then! (Of course, I will remind and shamelessly promote myself before then too.)


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