Yea! You and your close friend is getting married around the same time. Awesome right? You can support each other and share any deals you found or are getting. What if your close friend doesn't feel the same way and is turning everything into a competition or worse copying all of your great wedding ideas? Before you strike back and turn your life and hers into a real life Bride Wars, breathe and take some time to read the following suggestions:

Make Your Wedding Super Personal

There are some things that just can't be copied. For example, you can borrow your mother or mother-in-law's vintage wedding gown or jewelry; Have your cousin write and perform a song at your wedding ceremony; invite the Mayor to your wedding because you know him/her personally. Your friend can copy your wedding theme, book the same venue, and hire the same vendors but these are things she doesn't even have a chance to copy.

Have a Friendly and Honest Chat

Invite her to have chat to talk about wedding stuff. Suggest things that you think would be absolutely wonderful for her wedding but wouldn't work for you. Overwhelm her with kindness and awesome wedding suggestions. Try to be genuinely happy for her engagement and wedding. You were friends before you both got engaged, it would be good to remain friends after the weddings.

Come To Terms That You Can't Fix The Situation

Despite your best efforts, your friend just doesn't get it and continues to copy every single aspect of your wedding. That's ok. You will have too much on your mind about your wedding, you can't waste precious brain power to worry about hers. She will have her wedding the way she wants as will you. Both weddings will go off exactly as planned and you will each remember your wedding differently. You can't copy memories.