After notifying your boss about your engagement, you are probably wondering how to handle your engagement in other aspects of your work life.

Announce Your Engagement

How you announce your engagement really depends on your personality and working relationships with coworkers. You might have coworkers that don’t like to share things about their personal lives or coworkers that might not be too excited for you. If that is the case, share your engagement with people one on one and just let the news flow naturally.

Who to Invite

After you made your announcement, you are probably wondering who you should invite. This is a very important decision (not for office politics) but for the number of invitees you can have at your wedding. You will likely have a max number of guests to invite due to your venue size, budget, and personal preference. Do not feel you need to invite everyone you work with. Invite those that you want to share your special day with.

Those That Didn’t Get an Invite

Ok, this is going to be awkward. You didn’t invite a coworker and he/she is taking it personally. You might also feel horrible about this and don’t know how you are going to work with this person until your wedding in 11 months. Best bet is to have a chat with this coworker. Explain you couldn’t invite everyone to your wedding but you value her and your working relationship with her. This just might be enough to calm the waters.

Vacation Days

Plan ahead and decide how many vacation days you need for the wedding and honeymoon. If you have enough saved by then, talk to your boss about the number of days you would like to take off. If you don’t have enough vacation days saved by then, talk to your boss about alternatives. Maybe you can work extra hours to make up the time, maybe you can borrow vacation days from the next year, or maybe you can take it as a leave of absence. Try to go into your meeting with a plan on how many days you want to take off, how many days you need, and how you plan on doing all your work to cause less of a disruption during your leave. Your boss will appreciate you have thought things through and will likely work with you to give you time off.