Guest Blogger: Joanna Bisley of Joanna Bisley Designs

All the jewelry featured in this post are Joanna Bisley Designs.

You are so excited you have found have your dream wedding dress and now it is time complete the look and find the perfect wedding accessories.


Photo Credit: Christy Swanberg Photography

I have noticed an exciting change in bridal jewelry trends the past couple of years. Brides are expressing their individuality and some have moved away from the traditional ivory pearl and clear crystal accessories. In the past few seasons there have been a lots of requests for colored jewelry to match the bride’s wedding colors or the subtle colors of the bridal gowns. With so many dress designers incorporating gold detailing into their creations there has been a big return to yellow gold jewelry and accessories (my personal favourite!).


Photo Credits: Emily Exon Photography

The trend of backless and low cut back bridal dresses have created a big demand for necklaces with a long cascading back drop. To keep a modern and sophisticated look it is recommended that the front of the necklace should be simple and keep the earrings delicate so as not to take away from the dress.


Photo Credit: Emily Exon Photography

The free spirited boho look is still going strong and floral crowns and hairvines create an ethereal bridal look perfect for the summer bride. Don’t be afraid to wear non-traditional jewelry with this look such pieces made from semi-precious stones such as rose quartz and moonstone which lend to the natural and unconventional look for this style.


Photo Credit: Twisted Ink Advertising and Design

The usual rules stilly apply, just one statement piece so as not to overwhelm you. If you are wearing large drop or chandelier earrings don’t wear a necklace but add a bracelet cuff of stack of bracelets. If you are wearing a statement necklace keep the earrings small and forgo elaborate hairpieces or bracelet cuff.


Photo Credit: Twisted Ink Advertising and Design