Of course after you get engaged, you can't stop talking about your wedding plans to anyone that will listen. But how much information do you share with people that won't be invited to your wedding? Do you have to stop talking about your wedding to them? Or can you share bits and pieces?

With people you rarely see and likely won't be expecting an invitation, you can share some of the wedding planning details. These people may be your hair dresser or personal trainer. They know you but don't REALLY know you. They might be excited for you or just asking to be nice or for the sake of conversation. Feel free to be excited and talk away!

With people that are closer to you or think they are close to you, it is a good idea to be a little sensitive with the information you share. If you say too much, they might expect an invitation or the opposite might happen - they might get the sense they are not invited and be upset. Either way, not great for the relationship/friendship. With this group of people, keep the wedding details to a minimum or vague. It is ok to say, you haven't nailed down a venue yet or you are going to keep the wedding very small and intimate.

If you are not able to not share wedding planning details (cause you are super excited), change the subject. Talk about something else or talk about what is going on with their lives. Put yourself in their shoes and think how you will feel if you knew all the details about a wedding but didn't get an invitation. Don't rub salt on the wounds.

Photo Credit: Bloglovin