I used to talk a lot about weddings. I even talked to strangers on the plane if I saw they were reading a bridal magazine. Since having my daughter, Grace, I now talk about her a lot. Imagine how much I talk now. Probably an increase of 300% of talking.

As I have shared in last month's "What's New at Wishahmon - April 2016", Grace has changed my life and Wishahmon is also changing. With this new blog (or just new blog location) I have decided to expand the topics and added two new topics, DIY and KIDS.

For those that have known me for ages, know that I am always working on some sort of project along with all the other things I have going on. I am now going to try to document the steps and share these projects with my readers. For my former clients that have recently started a family, you can read about my new life as a mom. Obviously I'm not perfect and not a perfect mom, but I hope you can relate and will find comfort in some of my successful and failed experiences.

If you enjoy reading my motherhood blog posts and want more, you can head over to MILK + CONFETTI as I am also blogging over there too!