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Heard of the term "bridezilla" but not the term, "momzilla"? If that is the case, Congratulations! That generally means you don't have an overzealous mom that wants to take over your wedding planning or wedding. Now if you have heard of the term and have been using this term A LOT when texting to your maid of honor, here are some solutions on dealing with momzilla.

1. Stay calm and don't scream at her to leave the wedding planning to the bride. You don't want to cut her off completely and likely you may need her help and advice at some point. Try not hurt any feelings.

2. Get an understanding of what the what is going on with her. She is re-living her wedding? Planning the wedding she always wanted? Thinking she has a career in wedding planning? Whatever the reason, you will need to talk to her to find out. Don't send your brother to ask mom WTF? You know that is how he is going to ask.

3. After you know what is going on, talk to your mom calmly. Acknowledge her feelings and explain yours. Express your gratitude for her support and help. Then explain your wedding vision and what you actually need and want help from her on.

4. Assign tasks to your mom that is important but less important to you. If you just want a white cake with purple flowers, allow your mom to chose the favors. This will be exciting for her and you when you get the surprise of what cake was ordered for you.

5. Although your wedding is important, remember that your family is also important. A wedding is a merger of two families. Likely whatever your mom is helping you with (or intruding on) is out of love and support for you. Keep that in mind when momzilla strikes or strikes again.

Remember to wish and celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday too!