If you are having a ring bearer at your wedding but the tiniest bit (or a lot) worried he is going to lose your wedding bands, this is an excellent alternative. Your ring bearer can still carry a ring but it will be fake, made of felt, and not yours. Ha!

The felt diamond ring is super cute and doesn't really require perfect sewing skills. I personally think if you "mess it up" slightly, it will look even more personalized. There is a lot of hand sewing for this project and a lot of steps but as you move forward with each step just try to imagine being stressfree and not having to worry your ring bearer might lose your wedding bands.(Unfortunately, you will have to worry about the alternate person holding onto the rings, even if this person is your fiance!)

For the full tutorial, visit Something Turquoise. These are the materials you will need and what to look forward to, this is just to give you a gist of whether you think you can attempt this project. If you think you can do this project, definitely check out the tutorial. It even has a free printable on it!

Good luck with the project and not losing any rings on your wedding day!