Given this is the midway point of the year, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect and check up on how I am doing with my New Years Resolutions.This "checkup" has been inspired by my friend, Vincci, who used to do quarterly reviews on her resolution progress. I am less disciplined and thought checking in at least once is good. "pat on the back"

At the beginning of the year, I made three goals. Here are some updates on each:


It always sounds or seems selfish or self-indulgent when you take time for yourself and do things that you like. For me, this always follows with guilt. I tried super hard to let it go of the guilt and just do it.

I (used to) love doing facial masks and having an elaborate facial routine. After having my daughter, I realized she has aged me mentally, physically, and visibly. As such, I decided to chose the easiest of the three to tackle, and start taking care of how I look. Within a couple of weeks, I got VIB Status at Sephora. Time will tell whether these products are actually working for me.

I love eating. I love eating out. I also love crossing things off a list. When I found out the Teatro Group has seven restaurants and I had been to only half of them, I knew I had to finish off this list. I only have two restaurants left to go to. Teatro has been scheduled for this month.

I love taking pictures, mostly of food. In order to step up my game, I recently attended a workshop hosted by Crafted and taught by Alexandra Joy Wig. The workshop was held during my daughter's naptime so it was pretty much guilt free.


The progress on this goal is weak because it is scary......!

I baked for the first time in my life. I never did this before for the fear of burning the house down. I did it. My daughter ate what I made too! "Happy dance"

I continued to contact interesting people I adore on Instagram, (not in a stalking kind of way.) I even met them in person. (I rarely do this because you don't know how safe that is.!) The picture above is my boo, Ivy, and Dallas of Merry Golden. I suggested we meet at Alforno so I can cross that restaurant off my list too! "30 second dance party"


Little old me got asked to collaborate on a business venture with another wedding vendor. I said YES. We are still in the preliminary stages of planning and I will share more info as our idea becomes more concrete. I will be going back to my roots and doing something I love. Another check for goal #1!