Prior to being a parent, you have all these ideas on what kind of parent you are going to be. For me they were:

-My child is not going to have any screen time (tv, ipod, ipad) until she turns two years old.

-By not doing that, she is not going to rely on screen time and can be more creative.

-I am not going to let her watch Frozen and have Elsa stuff all over the house.

These ideals shattered when she started to throw tantrums. Correction: full on meltdowns where she hates the entire world. The only thing that could calm her down was Elsa singing "Let it go."

Given my daughter is now a huge Frozen fan (she can only say a couple of words and one of them is "Elsa.") I have to buck up and start rethinking this Frozen thing. She loves Frozen so much that I have even considered having planning her second birthday party around this theme. Obviously, it will kill me to have a full on Frozen theme. Luckily, for her I found some inspiration on a tasteful Frozen theme. This might be doable.