My daughter, Grace has two grandpas. "Gong gong" is a cook and grandpa is an excellent woodworker. After I learned from our dayhome provider that Grace spends a lot of time in the play kitchen everyday, I had to ask my father-in-law to please make a play kitchen out of wood for Grace. He immediately said yes and asked me to design a kitchen. I drew two boxes with a door on one of them. He decided to do research on his own after my design was described to him. "shrug"

He found a play kitchen designed by Built by Kids. All the materials, dimensions, and step by step instructions can be found here.

The kitchen design was initially flipped around but this configuration worked better for the space the kitchen will be placed. Another neat thing about this design is it is held together like a puzzle. It can be pulled apart and stored in a stack! To be perfectly honest, my father-in-law did most of the hard work. I don't have pictures to show how he did it because it would have been too much to ask to build the kitchen and take pictures of it for my blog. Therefore, onto my role in this play kitchen.


I envisioned decorating Grace's play kitchen to look like our real kitchen. White cabinets with minimal pulls and black specked granite. Painting the kitchen white was easy as I had some leftover door and trim paint in white. It just took time to get through all the nooks and crannies.


I thought an easy solution to mimic the countertops would be to spray paint it with a texture paint. This was a fail. It looked awful and like this:


One pinterest tutorial on "Faux Painted Granite Countertops" gave me the confidence to attempt to do it for Grace's kitchen countertops. I only needed some leftover black and silver paint, and a plastic bag. Ha! Nailed it!



When we were renovating our kitchen, we loved the look of WOLF commercial stoves. We would have loved to have one but our kitchen is really small and the stove would have taken up a ton of space. The thing I loved the most and is probably their signature are the red knobs. We decided to make the stove knobs for Grace's kitchen also red. The numbers were drawn by hand with a sharpie marker.


Totally lucked out when I found trivets at the Dollar store that fit the stove burners perfectly. I bought sets of grey and red ones because burners turn red when they are in use! The sink and faucet are both brand new. The sink is actually just a metal bowl but the faucet is the real deal.


The oven "window" is actually a grey textured placemat cut and held into place with a piece of plastic and tape. Looks a lot fancier than my description!


The interior is still quite bare. I wanted to put in more shelving and wire racks but wanted to keep this as child friendly as possible at this stage. As Grace gets older, we can always renovate it again!


Here is the final product and Grace trying out her kitchen for the very first time!


The kitchen is still a little too tall for her. Hence, the tippy toes to reach the faucet.


This play kitchen is currently used daily to make all sorts of random dishes. I'm sure it will continue to be used for many many years, making many many random dishes like "cupcakes, bacon, carrot, pizza soup." She might need some cooking lessons from her gongong. Huge thanks to grandpa for this wonderful gift.