Planning a wedding is a daunting task. From guest lists and seating charts to colour palettes and décor items. There are a million and one things to check off your list. Here are some planning tips from real brides and wedding industry experts. These tips and resources will to help you keep your sanity throughout the planning process.

1. Incorporate some fun into your planning.

Don't know where to host your rehearsal dinner? Shortlist a few local restaurants and plan a few date nights. That way you can sample the food and have a relaxing night out together.

Invite your wedding party over for a hang out night before the wedding day. This way they can all get to know each other if they don’t already. Extra bonus: if you are choosing which wine or beer to serve at your wedding, this might be a good opportunity for a tasting. Have your wedding party taste test with you.

Having a makeup trial done is a good idea. That way you can test and tweak your wedding look before the big day. After you've had your tiral, plan a night out with your bridesmaids and girlfriends. Hey, you’re looking fine, you might as well celebrate.

If all else fails, go lingerie shopping together. It’s a sure fire way to introduce a little romance back into wedding planning. Even if you don’t buy anything. *wink.


2. Feeling like you’re doing all the work? Give your groom a few things to take care of.

More and more grooms are taking on the task of planning the honeymoon. These grooms are keeping the destination a secret and surprising their brides at the airport. If your groom is a travel buff, this may be the best way to delegate some wedding tasks his way.

Put him in charge of selecting the booze for the wedding. Enough said.

If your man is the stylish type, let him select the outfits for him and his groomsmen. With online mens fashion websites like Indochino and Suitly, selecting stylish and tailored wedding attire is easy.


3. There’s an App for that

Keep yourself organized by using the below resources you can access from any device.

Use an app like Evernote. It allows you to make notes, checklists and keep photo records. Stay organized and access everything across all of your tech platforms. Create a Wedding notebook and categorize everything so you can find it later. Here's a tutorial on how to use Evernote.

4. Décor Double Duty

Give your décor double duty. Flowers are so beautiful and can easily transform a space. If you are investing in floral arrangements or designs, think about ways you can use them in different ways throughout the day. Our friend Janelle from Flowers by Janie had some great tips. “You can select floral arrangements that can be used as your décor for both your ceremony and reception. Centrepieces can make nice arrangements and hanging aisle chair floral décor can be reused as centerpieces or positioned on your cake table or fireplace mantle”.


Below is a great example of how to use floral designs to decorate your ceremony arch and the head table at the reception. (Floral designs pictured by Lyn Chapman of Flower Artistry.


5. It’s your wedding. Do what you want to!

Your wedding doesn’t have to be inside the box. You’re the one in charge of planning it, so incorporate as many personal touches as you want into the day. Wishahmon helped with bringing Eva and Carter's vision to life.

“Our wedding reception was like a 6 year old's birthday party. It was circus themed with a magician, caricaturist, lots of candy and a whimsical cake made by a friend. We decided to make our wedding reception as fun as it could possibly be. We love throwing theme parties at our house and thought it would be fun to do the same with our wedding. We wanted to have our ceremony in the morning, to leave more time for us to enjoy the day. We planned a trip to a nearby brewery in the afternoon with our wedding party. We had a tour of the facilities and did a tasting. That was definitely a highlight for us.” – Eva & Carter.


About our Guest Bloggers: Erin and Andrew is the duo behind Photographik. They have been named in Canada's Top 30 Under 30 Photographers.