At a very young age, I thought I was fat and ugly. When I told my mom in tears, she helped me with various diets and told me that I was pretty. (Of course she did, she was my mom!) She also said it is important to maintain good skin because if you have good skin, you will naturally look pretty. I never really got pass the "feeling ugly" part but I have continued to take care of my skin.

My closest friends know what a product junkie I am and how I spend around 20 minutes a night putting on various serums, creams, and lotions on my face and body. Even the backs of my knees get some attention. It is quite a production but necessary for me. Maybe it is my insecurity of becoming ugly or it has just become part of my routine.

As I continue to age, I continue my skin care routine. I don't have high hopes of looking like a retired supermodel but one thing that I do hope is to age gracefully. (Despite my daughter, Grace, who is aging me fully.) I don't need to turn back time but moving towards it a little slower would be appreciated.

Although I am no swan and still feel like an ugly duckling, I'm starting a new series called "Aging Gracefully" to share some of my insights, personal stories, time savers as a mom, and products that I cannot live without.

Of course, if anyone have awesome products they strongly recommend, please let me know! Once a product junkie, always a product junkie.