As indicated in my introduction series post, my friends know I spend a lot of time on my skin and know I spend around 20 minutes on my skin at night. What they don't know is how much time I spend during the day and on what!

After becoming a mom, I have less time to sleep in in the morning and spend tons of time in the bathroom. (If you are a mom too, you know that once that bathroom door is closed, that is the exact moment your child decides you are interesting to them and requires your immediate and full attention.) Here is my skincare routine to make myself look somewhat presentable:


1. Wash face with cleanser. I have several on rotation, depending on my skin condition that day or recently. Cleansers include a soothing, acne fighting, and anti-aging one.

2. Toner all over face and neck. Matching toner depending on the cleanser I am using that morning. (While the toner dries, I usually brush my teeth. Don't have a moment to waste.)

3. Spot treatment as needed.

4. Moisturize with something that has sunscreen built into it.

5. Minimal makeup.


1. Spot treatment if I have a persistent zit that is staring and mocking me.

2. Reapply sunscreen if I am going outside.

3. Wipe everything off with a baby wipe if my face feels super gross and I am at home. If I am still out and about, I don't wipe everything off my face. Best to have a layer of grime as defense to the daily harms.


1. Cleanse or deep clean my face.

2. Use face scrub if I am feeling really gross.

3. Use toner to soothe my face from whatever I just scrubbed off.

4. Use serum that treats whatever concern I am recently having (anti-aging, dark spots.)

5. Spot treatment (acne, lines, eyes)

6. Moisturize with night cream.

7. Moisturize rest of body with body butter.

8. Go to bed pretty greased up.

When do you think I have time to do all of this? Is this all overkill or insane?

Honestly, I just make time for it. If it is important enough, you will too. In relation to this all being too much, I guess I consider this as my me time. I find all of this strangely relaxing and not a chore!