I love keeping things out of sight. Visual clutter annoys me to no end. Although my daughter is only 18 months old, she has acquired a lot of things, she might even have more things than me. In my quest to hide things and yet still have a craft project for her, I found an awesome wooden box for $3.00 at the dollar store. Pretty sweet deal to have a storage solution and not yet ANOTHER piece of paper covered in paint.


Wooden box from Dollarama for $3.

Non-toxic paint

Painters tape

Paint brushes and tray


To make it a little bit more interesting, I taped a random pattern on the box. Once removed after painting, it should show up in the natural wood color. (Fingers crossed).


I know I had paint brushes in the pictures but I found different shaped sponges for her to try instead. It started off promising enough. She tried stamping the shapes after I showed her how.


Then she got impatient and started to finger paint instead. I think she likes how the paint squishes between her fingers. Grace kept asking for more paint with her cutest face, so I had to oblige.


This is the end result of both of our efforts. I think the exterior looks pretty good. I have no idea if I am going to do more to the interior.