One of the great Bridal traditions is the Bridal shower...a special time to be with your (typically) female family members and friends, celebrating all things that are wonderful about you and your soon-to-be spouse. People can go seriously over the top when it comes to planning these Bridal showers which can be awesome...but also expensive! Below are our top three ways you could save money on your Bridal shower.

Make it a DIY Party!

Who says your Bridal shower can't be multi purpose? Do you have crafty projects you're still wanting to do in time for your wedding? Is there a list of DIY decorations you just haven't gotten around to yet? Why not turn your Bridal shower into a bit of a work party? All your girl friends are there and they'll be happy to be included in some of the planning and decorating for your Big Day and you'll get to cross those to-dos off your list.

Reuse Decorations

Have you already purchased some of the decorations you're planning to use for your wedding? Why not use some of those for your Bridal shower? Honestly, no one is really going to care if they've seen some of your decorations already and it's highly likely you'll use the items in a different configuration or arrangement during your actual wedding and/or reception so why not get more mileage out of them? They're gorgeous, they fit your theme and who wouldn't want to use them as much as possible!

Host a Bridal Brunch

For my own Bridal shower, my sisters hosted a Bridal brunch and it was awesome. A waffle bar with lots of toppings, sparkling wine and orange juice (with candies you could add to it for an extra touch of sweetness!!), and fruit and dip options was perfect! Because it wasn't an evening event, no one expected a ton of food or drinks, the natural light of the day was its own decor and the flower bouquets they bought inexpensively at Costco were a bright and cheerful way to spruce up the buffet and drinks table. Easy-peasy and everyone loved the creativity of it.

Bridal showers are such a great way to celebrate you, the Bride, with all your best girlfriends and female family members around. The pleasure of their company complemented by a few inexpensive touches here and there will truly make your day one to remember! It's the moments, not the "stuff" that's makes a difference to everyone.