So, this is something else I do that when I tell people, they look at me like I have five heads. (People usually look at me like I have three heads already,) One friend even said to me: I know Kate Moss swears by this for an instant face lift but I didn't think real people do it. Her comment made me question my "realness."

I started to do lymphatic face massages around 2001 when I started to go for facials on a regular basis. The lady that does my facials told me it would help release toxins, help with water retention, and prevent my face from sagging as I age. In summary, she said all the right things and I was hooked.

I try to do lymphatic massages every time I wash my face, using a scrub, or when I apply various serums to my face (brightening, hydrating, anti-aging,) It is best done when you have excess product on your face. If your face is too dry, you risk pulling your skin and creating wrinkles. Obviously, what I do for lymphatic massages is what (I think) works for me. Not going to share the specific details as I don't want to lead anyone astray!

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