Last month was Grace's second birthday and honestly I have been thinking and "pinning" about this birthday for about half a year. She loves painting and doing artwork so it was a no brainer that I wanted to throw her an Art themed party. Here are some reactions to this party idea:

  • When I told my partner, he said: Sounds like a lot of work but I think she will love it. (Um yeah.)

  • When I told friends without kids, they said: Like paint night, except not with adults, during the night, or with booze. (Yeah, kinda.)

  • When I told our dayhome lady, she said: You are so brave. (Huh?)

  • When I told the parents of the invitees, they said: We are totally there. We never do this at home. We will come trash your house instead. (Crap. What did I get myself into?)

Here is how the party went down.


It might be the wedding planner in me but I feel the invitation really dictates the theme of an event. This was no exception. I wanted all the invitees (and parents) to know this was going to be an art party and it was going to be messy! Originally, I thought I would design my own invitations but I knew that was going to end poorly so I did a quick search on Etsy and found the cheapest one that was still cute. Voila!



I had grand ideas of doing a scrapbook for Grace documenting her year but that was just a dream. There was just no way that was happening. As a result, I made one scrapbook page for guests to sign at her birthday party. I think this will be a good keepsake for her when she grows up and can read all the wonderful comments her friends (parents) wrote for her.



Months ago, I pinned an image of a similar backdrop. When I looked into buying it online, it was $7 but shipping was $30. I immediately looked on Etsy and found a template I could download for $9 but then I would still need to print it which could get even more pricey. I ended up buying a white plastic table cloth from the dollar store and drew the frames with a jiffy marker. Only took me three episodes of Suits on Netflix. Money and time well spent. The banner was made of paint chips. Totally lucked out that they came in this shape already!


Here is the birthday girl eyeing her cake. She was probably thinking how in the world am I going to blow out the candle? Mom didn't think this through.



Last year, I made the mistake of inviting a bunch of kids to a party and didn't have anything for them to do. This year, we made art stations outside for the kids to paint on their canvases. I bought the canvas, aprons, paint tray, and brushes from a dollar store. The pouches holding the brushes, were (again) paint chips. I don't think I can show my face at that home improvement store for a while.



Of course, the creativity doesn't end at the party. I made loot bags for each of the kids to take home, complete with a coloring book, smelly felt markers, and stickers. The bag tags were paint chips (again) and I drew the pattern of a crayola crayon with a jiffy marker.


All in all the party was a great success. It was messy but clean up wasn't so bad. Best part is Grace loved every bit of it and asked to do it again...the next day.