The last couple of months, we have seen a couple of proposals in the media that sparked a lot of discussion. Some people thought it is so sweet they chose that moment to propose, while others feel like the proposal actually stole the spotlight off some one else. Two recent examples are:

When Chinese diver He Zi had just received a silver medal for the women's three meter springboard at the Rio Olympics and received a proposal from her boyfriend Qin Kai during her medal ceremony. Was this romantic or did he steal the limelight from her Olympic medal?

When pro dancer Sasha Farber proposed to girlfriend and fellow dancer, Emma Slater during the live results show of Dancing with the Stars. Was this the right moment to propose or should it have been done on their personal time?

If you are madly in love and want to propose to your significant other, congratulations! If you are planning on popping the question at someone else's wedding, here are some tips on what to do first:

1. Clear it with the wedding couple first. It is their wedding and you MUST get permission. It is their day and you will get yours. You cannot take this day away from them. That is totally not cool. If you get ANY sense, the wedding couple is hesitant then reconsider your plans. A strong hint is if they answer: "Well, OK," or "I guess so." If you are not good at taking hints, then follow up with your friend (bride or groom) and double check to make sure you get the go ahead.

2. If the wedding couple agrees and is excited about it, then it should be done at the very end of the wedding, perhaps after the bouquet toss or just before the last dance. That way, the proposal won't "steal the thunder" from the newlyweds.

3. Feel out what your intended's reaction might be. You want to know whether or not they will say yes and whether or not they will like this idea. Your significant other may not like being proposed to in front of people or at a wedding. If you can't get a sense through her friends, ask her what she thinks about people getting proposed at weddings. She might think it's fun and romantic for others but prefers her own proposal to be more intimate. Really listen and follow her clues.