Although, Grace's second birthday just passed in September, I am starting to research potential themes for her third birthday. There are so many great ideas out there, I might have to start planning half year birthday parties for her too.

One of her first (30 words) she said was "bunny" and she has three bunnies that go on rotation for outings with her. We had a couple of close calls with some of them missing in the grocery store but luckily, mom and dad saved the day by backtracking and finding them. I think a bunny themed party might be a winner for next year.

Emily Klaparda, contributor of Project Nursury who designed this bunny themed birthday party for her daughter's fourth birthday party, provides this advice:

I wish I had planned Ariella's party much further in advance - she has an early January birthday, and Easter decor wasn't anywhere to be had during November and December, so I had to search long and hard for bunny items. If she had had a spring birthday, finding decor would have been a whole lot easier!

Ha! I'm not too early at all!