With the holidays upon us, going to a couple of parties is inevitable. Regardless of the party you throw or attend, there are some similar things that will happen to all of us:

  • We will get less sleep (unless you can make it up the next day);

  • We will look a little haggard; and

  • We will be too tired to follow our usual skincare routine.

Hey, I totally get it. Play first and worry about how you look and feel the next day. Been there. Here are some tips on how to fake looking refreshed the next day:

1. Wash your face thoroughly. Ideally, you would have done this the night before you fell asleep. If it didn't happen (I would chose sleep over anything else too), remove all your makeup and thoroughly wash your face with a cleanser. Bonus points if you use a deep cleanser.

2. Moisturize your face and neck. If you are dehydrated (possibly from drinking too much the night before), your skin will also look drier. Try to replenish as much as you can through a good daycream. Bonus points if you use a hydrating mist like Evian.

3. Perk up those eyes with an eye cream. Depending on the eye cream you use, there might be some added benefits of reducing puffiness. If you don't have an eye cream, use the back of a cold spoon. It won't work wonders but will help a bit with puffiness.

4. Drink lots of water. It sounds counter-intuitive because of point #4 being dealing with puffiness, but believe me, your body, mind, and skin needs the hydration.

5. Slap on a red lipstick. It will draw the eye away from your red eyes to your red lips! Plus, you will look extra chic!

If you don't have anywhere to go and there is no need to fake it, then follow points #1-#4 and then go back to bed. Sleep is really the best thing for you to right now!