I gave the future of Wishahmon a lot of thought the last couple of months and talked to a lot of people about it. Some were confused of the "identity" of Wishahmon and lost interest in what I had to say; some were just interested in the new aspects I added the latter part of 2016; and some thought I should shut down Wishahmon and start new.

Absolutely grateful for all the advice given to me by the people I spoke to and on some occasions, repeatedly. Here is what I decided:


I loved weddings before but now I love everything kid related. I feel I can't do a great job unless I am fully invested in the wedding industry, mentally and timewise. I will still be planning events but will leave weddings to my highly talented peeps in Calgary. If any newly engaged couples are looking for a vendor, they should definitely check out the vendors listed on Calgary Bridal Alliance.

My goodbye to weddings also means good bye to any wedding related blog posts. I had a great time answering questions honestly through these blog posts. My last piece of wedding advice to newly engaged couples: Do what you want for your wedding. It is YOUR day and it will be your FAVORITE memory of all time.


I'm not shutting down Wishahmon because it is a huge part of me and I love the name! (The meaning behind the name is on my About page.) Wishahmon means a lot to me and I can't imagine removing this part of my identity from me. The best thing to do is to evolve it naturally with me and allow it to grow with me.

This will now be a lifestyle blog with the focus on motherhood, being an entrepreneur, and finding happiness along the way. I will share things I have learned in these areas that I think will be beneficial to others, just like I would if we were all friends in real life! I hope you will continue to folow my journey! I would love that!

Photo Credit: Heima Photography