Every year I bitch about not wanting to do New Years resolutions and calling them something else. Last year in 2016, I actually called it resolutions/goals/ideals/whatever. This year, I am going to call them New Years Resolutions and going to do the following:


My health was horrible last year. Every virus that crossed my path, I caught it. I had a ton of pain and had to get ultrasounds and MRI's to figure them out, and I had a horrible cough for eight freaking weeks. I didn't sleep well despite going to bed really early. I ate very little during dinner time because my focus was getting Grace to eat and gain weight. I felt awful physically, mentally, and emotionally.

While somethings on some days might be beyond my control, like if Grace is sick and wants to be held all night, I will make more of an effort to eat better and get more sleep. As for my mental and emotional health, I will take time to breathe and get a small break to recharge. I am slowly learning taking a mom break doesn't have to be elaborate. It can just be sneaking in the pantry for five minutes and shoving in as many chewy chocolate chip cookies you can eat in those five minutes.


I am going to read a book a month. Scratch that.

I am going to read 12 books a year. (Yeah, that seems more manageable.)

The books I gravitate towards are entrepreneurship or leadership related. Occasionally, I will read a novel only if the main character is around my age. If the book is worthy of sharing, there might be a book report or coles note version on the blog too. Because of my 12 book goal, I will need some book suggestions. If you have any, please let me know!


I know being a mom and feeling guilty kind of goes hand in hand but I really need to cut myself some slack in this area. Last year, I felt so guilty when Grace ate leftovers for one night, her favorite sleep sack didn't dry in time, or I forgot to plan a play date for her one weekend. I felt so guilty each time that I ugly cried when I got some time alone.

This year, I need to not sweat the small stuff. I need to realize:

1) Eating leftovers isn't going to kill her plus, she has food to eat.

2) She can't sleep in her favorite sleep sack but she is still warm in her less favorite sleep sack.

3) She doesn't have a playdate but she can play with me. I'm fun too. I think.


I have never, ever, ever, baked a cake from scratch in my life. I am going to bake a birthday cake for Grace that will taste and look good. Her birthday isn't until September so I have plenty of time to work on this one.

Photo Credit: Modern Nest Photography