This project started off as a joke for a friend in need of cheering up. She was really into art and I had no idea what kind of art book to get her. I spent hours at Chapters aimlessly only to leave with a cup, for me.

During my drive home, I thought: "I know a local artist that is quickly blossoming in the art world! She is ambitious and creates artwork on a daily basis! She even lives with me!" When I got home, I started to brainstorm and to be honest, it got a little out of hand. I decided I wanted:

  1. To make a classy art book on black paper. (So hard to keep black paper clean!)

  2. Each piece of original art needed a name, title of artist, and the type of medium used. I got so over the top that I even contacted an artist friend to help me title the artwork. He thought I was crazy but still humored me and helped out. Thanks Jeff!

  3. Someone to do a foreword or introduction. Grace's 12 month old friend helped out with this.

Onto the details to creating this artbook:


Black paper

Tape (Scotch, duct, electrical)


Other paper and materials (this will be explained later)


1. Because I was aiming for a classy and cool art work, I had to figure out how to build the book. I wanted to make an accordion book so I had to figure it out on a smaller scale first. Would have been easier if I googled or youtubed it. But I felt like challenging myself.


Bigger and actual version.


2. After gluing and taping all the pages together, it turns into an accordion book like this! (Top view from side.)


3. Onto the book cover. The pages were now an odd size so I had to make my own book cover for it. I found two old binders and cut them to be a little bigger than the pages inside. Measured and then taped them together with Hello Kitty duct tape. I also added a band of black electrical tape for "interest." Next, I just had to glue the front and back of the pages to the book. Easy!


4. The artwork was initially glued onto the pages. When I was done it just looked unfinished. So I cut strips of paper and made borders on all the artwork. A bit more work but does make it look that much for finished and "professional."

Here is the finished product!


The ended the book with a message from the artists. Just FYI, the artists are 12 and 18 months old at the time. Not the greatest writers yet.