"Mindset" seems to be one of those trendy terms everyone throws around when something isn't going their way or change needs to happen. People always talk about changing your mindset to change the outcome or path you are going. I fully agree with this. You can think your way to a different path if you have the right mindset. For an entrepreneur, this is what I think the mindset looks like:


At times, being an entrepreneur is like being a pink banana next to a bunch of yellow ones. People look at you funny when you tell them about your next great idea, next great business, or next million dollar idea. I'm constantly telling my partner my next million dollar idea and he will tell me that my idea is a $10 idea. Whatever. Some people just don't get it and will always have something negative to say. Just let them be who they are. They are just someone that doesn't get you. It doesn't mean your idea is terrible. Have some thick skin and keep believing in your idea. (Unless your idea is a square tire which is a terrible idea.)


Hang out with people that get you. This shouldn't come as a surprise to you that when you are with positive people or people that get you, you will feel energized. You need positive energy to move forward as an entrepreneur. Side note: You don't have to hang out with people in the same industry. You will still benefit from hanging out with other entrepreneurs (or people that get you). I strongly believe, regardless of the industry, there is always something that can be learned and applied towards your own business.


Yeah, your idea is a little rough around the edges but with some hard work, it will (not may) become a shiny diamond. Think of yourself as a diamond in the rough but never doubt yourself on how great you are and how much greater you will become.


If you want to run a successful and profitable business, you have to treat it like one. You will only grow it as much as you put into it. If you work on your business only after all other obligations have been completed, and when you are in a good mood, you are running a hobby. You will not have the big business you hope for. Lucky breaks do happen, but to the very lucky few.


If you want to become a millionaire. Think like one. I once had a friend contact me about a business dilemma. I didn't have an answer for him. I did ask him to think about what Steve Jobs would do in that situation. If you want to be one of the big boys, you have to think big.