Everyone that knows me knows I love to do DIYs. After Grace was born, my DIY world got so much bigger. There are so many things I can make now:

Every special day is now an opportunity to make something for her or with her.

Every birthday is an opportunity for a new theme party.

Every piece of material has numerous opportunities for new creations.

Imagine my excitement when I have been chosen to be a National DIY DAY Ambassador. I am only one of two in Canada! So excited and hopefully will inspire others to join the DIY movement!

I want to inspire others to believe in their DIY skills and attempt those projects they imagine doing or don't think they can do it. Honestly, the worse that can happen most of the time is you wasted some time and money. The upside is you attempted to make something with your own hands and have something to show for it! Let's do it! Let's DIY! #nationaldiyday


As a National DIY DAY Ambassador, I am proud to support AdoptAClassroom.org and their mission to give teachers a hand by providing much-needed classroom materials so that their students can learn and succeed. National DIY DAY and Wishahmon is committed to supporting classrooms and providing tools for students and teachers to enhance the creative learning experience.

Support AdoptAClassroom.org by Texting a Donation Today! Text the word "Give" to (678) 582-8594 and you will be prompted through a secure system to make a donation of your choice!