You all heard the term before "beauty sleep" but how many of you actually embrace it? I honestly would love to sleep the hours a baby or toddler does. I love sleeping and it has been one of my most guarded things that I do. I can give up on chips and bacon, internet, and even Netflix for some solid hours of sleep.

Some reasons why I embrace my beauty sleep:

  • Hello?! Warm and cozy bed!

  • Getting ready to feel refreshed for the next day; and

  • It does wonders for my skin.

Your skin cells repair themselves during the night when you sleep. The longer you sleep, the greater chance of greater amount of skin cells repairing itself. Here is what I do to maximize the benefits of having well rested, radiant, fresh faced skin:

  • I sleep in a really dark room. Any shred of light wakes me up. Blackout curtains are a must. If I am on vacation, an eye mask will do the job. I look weird but don't care.

  • I also sleep with ear plugs in. Any bit of noise will wake me up as well. My dad once joked that he worries I won't be able to hear an emergency situation because I have managed to block everything out when I sleep.

  • My most intense skincare routine is at night. I make sure I wash my face thoroughly because I don't want any grime from the day (and my daughter's grimy hands) to stay on my face overnight. Yuck.

  • Eye cream is now a must. I didn't use a whole lot of eye cream growing up and now paying for it. My fave one is the REDEFINE eye cream.

  • Write in my happiness journal. Great way to reflect on my day and find something positive to remember it by. Helps with happy dreams too.

  • Write my to-do list for tomorrow so I don't have to think about it when I am trying to sleep. No distractions!

One of the questions you might have is how do I get so much sleep being a mom? Well, luckily for me, my daughter LOVES to sleep as well. Once she is sleeping, I have a short amount of me time. I don't spend time on other things when I ask myself the question: "Would you rather be doing this or sleeping?" You got it, sleeping always wins.