Obviously, I am biased but I think every piece of art or craft made by my daughter is a MASTERPIECE worthy of being in an art gallery. The thought of throwing away her early work made me cringe. I can't. I must save (some) of

I wanted to buy her an art folder but really couldn't justify the price of over $30. This folder would hold her artwork at the end of the year and will likely be placed in storage. I goggled DIY art folders and found a lot of folders that are open on both sides and fairly thin. (Grace did a lot of artwork over the course of a year.) I figured that I can craft something on my own because heck, I'm crafty.

1. I didn't originally intend on blogging this DIY but thought it might be of interest to others. I thought of this too late so I missed taking the very first picture which would have been a Chapter's Indigo box. Essentially, I cut it open and laid it flat before cutting the bottom down the middle. I did this to make the box smaller and the bottom stronger (with two layers of cardboard now.) I then taped the bottom of the box together.


2. Then I taped the sides together. I kept the seam on the back of the box so I wouldn't have to deal with a seam on the front. Plus, it will look nicer.


This is the top of the box. I sliced the flap so it folds over nicely and cut the corners out so it looks cleaner. Tip: Cut one corner out and then use that as a guide to cut the other side. This is the easiest way to get matching corners without measuring.


3. I was ready to move on with the box until my partner made a comment that painter's tape is not the strongest tape to use for this project. I scoffed at him but knew he was right. I added some packing tape on top of the painter's tape. Yes, those are strips on bacon on my tape. I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to buy this tape back then.


4. The box was essentially done and functional but really ugly. I knew it was going into storage but I really cannot produce something this ugly so I wrapped it with some IKEA wrapping paper. I was going to wrap it differently but realized the animals were going to be sideways rather than standing which would be weird. I added the white electrical tape to clean up all the edges and to make it fancy looking. This step is really unnecessary but I had the tape and really need to start using my inventory...of tape.


5. I used some velcro tape I had laying around as the closure and added a nice tag. Voila! Project completed in less than an hour. Now this project is ready to be filled with all of Grace's put into storage. Well, at least, I will know they are stored in something pretty.


Do you have other solutions for your kid's artwork? Please comment and let me know! I'm always up for ideas and DIY solutions!