Building Grace a play kitchen has been the best idea EVER and form of entertainment for her. When she was younger, she would pretty much just take everyone out of her cupboards and...leave them out. (Not exciting and slightly annoying as I now had two kitchens to keep tidy.) As she grew older, her "cooking" skills also grew and she would make soup, coffee and pizza in her little kitchen.

While her kitchen pantry is already amazingly stocked. I still try to add new items once in a while. This time, I felt it was timely to add my favorite cuisine to it - sushi. I also want her to start learning how to use chopsticks soon. There is a bit of tiger mom in me if you hadn't already noticed through my posts.

This DIY started innocently enough. I was just going to make a couple of sushi rolls and then the creative juices really started to flow and I also made actual pieces of sushi and even a hand roll. I ended up making 15 pieces of sushi. Sounds extreme but I accounted for some being lost. In the end, I also made: Tamago / Sake (Egg / Salmon) Nigiri Sushi; Ikura / Uni (Salmon Roe / Sea Urchin) Sushi; and Tamaki Sushi Hand Roll.



Different colors of felt (I just used whatever scraps I had)

Hot glue and glue gun

Small hair elastics (I used my daughter's)

Colored pompoms

Maki Sushi Rolls Directions:

1) Cut pieces of felt to size. Initially, this is difficult because I didn't know how big I wanted the sushi to be. In the end, I found it easiest to cut pieces a little larger, roll them, and then cut them again.

2) Fold and roll pieces of felt into desired size. I opted to make massive sized sushi because I didn't want my daughter to eat and choke on them.


3) Secure the rolls of felt with hair elastics to prevent them from coming apart and to buy yourself some time before you hot glue the last layer of felt.


4) Hot glue either all the layers together or just hot glue the last layer of felt. I opted for the latter option because I was lazy.

5) Pretty easy right? Just cut, roll, and hot glue! I started making salmon and avocado rolls and then got fancy and made some Negitoro Maki Sushi Rolls too. (Used two different colors of felt in the middle.)

Tamago / Sake (Egg / Salmon) Nigiri Sushi Directions:

1) Essentially, the same as the sushi rolls but you are folding them a little differently and more flat. Just keep folding until you get the desired thickness and size. Then, you got it, hot glue it in place.

Ikura / Uni (Salmon Roe / Sea Urchin) Sushi Directions:

1) Cut your white felt into a circle and fill it with scraps of felt you have. Gather all the edges and tie. It should look like a little bag.

2) Cut off the top of the gathered "bag". Surround the "bag" with a strip of green felt.


3) Fill the top of the "bag" with colored pompoms. For the Uni sushi, I cut up one yellow pompom and stretched it out slightly before hot gluing it in place.

Tamaki Sushi Hand Roll Directions:

1) Use whatever long pieces of scraps of felt you have and tie them together like a bouquet of flowers.

2) Secure with an elastic and hot glue!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY on National DIY DAY and are inspired to make some felt sushi of your own!!