It wasn't until I was approached by two people in the same week asking me how to start a blog, that I realized I have been blogging for a really long time and people are starting to see me as a some-what experienced blogger.

In all honestly, I have to thank my friend, Krista for inspiring me and really getting me going. My blog started off as a company blog for my wedding decorating business and I was mostly sharing some of the work I have done for my clients. Super boring read really. I would blog every once in a while with huge breaks in between. (Like months, ekk.) I cringe thinking back now.

Then I changed. I started blogging more often and sharing information without the fear of people not hiring me and doing it themselves. I started to share information I thought was interesting and gave my own opinions about it. This was a real game changer. The day my blog hit over 200,000, I did a happy dance and felt like I finally know how to "blog."


This is super easy as all you really need to do is start writing and publish it for the world to see. There are many different and free platforms to start with. If you want your blog to have a certain feel and to reflect you, that is the time-consuming part. However, that has to deal with the aesthetics of your blog and might not be necessary to the readers you are targeting. Some of the best blogs are the best because of the content it shares.

1) Figure out what you want to achieve. Believe it or not, your objective will influence the style of your blog, what you write about, and how you write. Are you writing to boost business sales for your company? Share personal experiences? Or be a resource or expert on a topic? This is the first thing you need to determine.

2) Provide something of value. Let there be a reason for people to come to your blog and read. You want write about something that you would be interested in reading too.

3) Have a schedule and commit to it. Set a schedule as to when you are going to write and when they are going to be published. If you are wanting people to read your blog on a consistent basis, you have to provide content on a consistent basis.


I think being a "blogger" is a title that anyone can use. You can blog once and call yourself a blogger and that isn't a lie. You can win one award and say you are an "award winning" something. If you are looking for more than just a title, you will want to:

1) Know your voice and tone. Once you know what you want to talk about, you should also consider how you want to talk/write about the topic. Your language can be super formal or casual. You can even drop f-bombs in your blog. It is your blog, your voice.

2) Be consistent. Readers should know what they are getting when they start to read your blog or when they go back to your blog. This especially applies for your personal opinions. Yes, you can change what you think but try not to waffle back and forth too much.

3) Be authentic. Just be you. You don't have to write to please anyone or everyone. Just be true to yourself and the people interested in your writing will come.