I'm kind of embarrassed to say that (as a DIY fanatic) I have never used Mod Podge before. I hear about it a lot but I honestly didn't know what to do with it and just never bothered to try to learn about it. Then, one life changing moment occurred, I got a bottle of Mod Podge with my National DIY DAY Ambassador craft box! I was so excited that I ran to show my partner this bottle of Mod Podge. His reaction: I don't know what that is but I am happy that it makes you that happy. Indeed it did.

I did some quick research on Pinterest (of course) and learned Mod Podge is THE product to use for decoupage. I couldn't think of a project for it until one night when I realized Mother's Day is coming up and Grace doesn't have a present for her granny yet. Like me, Granny thinks all of Grace's artwork is amazing. (Check out the DIY art storage box I made to store all of her masterpieces.) As such, I decided to make granny some coasters out of Grace's artwork.


1 or more pieces of artwork (depending on how big it is)

Wooden coasters (available at Michaels)

Paint brushes

Mod Podge



1. Place your coasters on the artwork and mark them to cut to size. Tip: leave some areas for spare coasters in case you mess up. Always good to have a back up plan.


2. Paint the coasters. You can paint them any color you want. You can even skip this step if you like the more natural look. Tip: sand the edges slightly before painting. I forgot but sanded after the paint dried which was fine too.


3. Cut out the size of the coasters. If you are aiming for perfection (like me), cut it out and then use a paper cutter to get really straight cuts. Tip: cut the artwork a little smaller to get a nice boarder around the coaster.


4. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge on the coaster and then glue the artwork on top of it. Try to smooth out all the bumps before adding a layer of Mod Podge on top of the artwork to seal it. Tip: If you can't get all the bumps out, don't worry, once it is dry, it kind of flattens out on it's own.


5. Add cork or felt backs on the coasters to prevent scratching surfaces. That's it! An easy and chic present for Granny!