My focus has always been on skincare, not makeup. I always used some makeup but didn't really know how to apply it until I was on maternity leave and spent a lot of time on youtube while breastfeeding or pumping in the middle of the night. Two of my favorite youtube stars are (of course) Michelle Phan and Lindy of Bubzbeauty.

Part of my aging gracefully motto is to not cover up my skin with tons of makeup. By keeping my makeup routine simple, it allows my skin to breathe. Also, as a mom, I have a total of 10 minutes to do my makeup and I already wake up at 6:00am. I refuse to wake up at a time that starts with a 5 on a regular basis.

My entire makeup routine consists of five products. The sixth and seventh products are used if I am feeling super fancy and/or have an extra five minutes. These are the products that I use and are consistently reviewed highly:

1. Concealer is a must because hey, sleepless nights and dark circles. The one I have been using for years is Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Eraser Concealer and Treatment.

2. Eyeshadow is important to me because I don't like to leave the house with bare lids. Sure, the colors I use are so light and neutral but still necessary. My faves are Urban Decay Naked 1 or Urban Decay Naked 3.

3. Eyeliner - I have monolids and I use eyeliner to make my eyes appear larger and more awake.. I have been using the holy grail, Stila liquid eye liner for a while until I found the Sephora brand is a great dupe.

4. Brow liner - I had been drawing in my eyebrows for as long as I can remember with a brow pencil. Recently, I learned of a brow cream and I love it. A bit harder to shape at the beginning but looks way more natural to me. The only one I have tried is Benefit Ka-BROW Cream-Gel Eyebrow Color with Brush.

5. Blush - I really wanted to try another holy grail product, the NARS Orgasm but the color really didn't work for me. I tried Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush because I liked the eye shadows already. No complaints but don't really know enough to love it yet.

6. Mascara - The best mascara I used before was the Dior Diorshow. After shelling out the $37 dollars for it, I decided I might have made myself like it because of the price. My current fave is Benefit They're Real! Lengthening and Volumnizing Mascara.

7. Some sort of lip color/tint. Usually whatever I can get that is kicking around (even samples). I'm really not picky with this because my lips are naturally quite pigmented. The thing that I definitely don't use on a regular basis is a lipstick. I find them too finicky to use and it has to be applied perfectly in front of a mirror.

What are some of your favorite makeup products? Please share! Now that I think I have my skincare game spot on, I really need to focus on makeup!!