I have never been fit in my life. The best shape I was in was back in 2013 when I was a smaller rectangle. (I have zero curves and only gain a butt if I gain weight.) I ran at lunch with a coworker a couple of times a week and then slowly realized that he might be running away from me rather than running with me. Regardless, I was probably the fittest I had ever been in my life.

When I had my daughter, I obviously gained a bit of weight because who doesn't?! I didn't have a huge desire to move immediately after having her because I had an emergency c-section and moving was just painful. I did join a mom and baby yoga class but that was more for getting out of the house and interacting with other moms. Honestly, there was hardly any yoga done in that class. Grace would decide the 50 minute yoga class is when she wanted to eat or poop. Pretty hard to be in a warrior pose when trying to help her with those other things.

Eventually, I did lose all my baby weight and I think it was totally because I barely ate or slept and was constantly stressing to keep her alive. (There are so many scary things in the world!) Sadly, I also lost the last bit of boobs I had a cherished. That part really sucked times two.

As Grace got older, my workout routine became running after her or sprinting to make sure something doesn't get knocked over, knocking her out. (No, I did not baby proof my house.) I enrolled her into gymnastics thinking that "parented class" meant I stand at the sidelines. Nope, I had to do everything with her or for her. I broke a sweat after every gymnastic class of HERS.

So, all of this takes me to my current workout routine as a mom. I feel like I need a plan (because it is one of my resolutions this year to take better care of myself) but to have some flexibility because I am a mom now.

Here is what I have come up with and started doing:

DO YOGA to clear my mind and not with the intention of mastering a headstand. This is such a great opportunity to not think about all the errands that need to be done. I do struggle a little to not think about how gross and sweaty I am getting.

GO RUNNING but do it my way. Walk and rest when needed and stop to smell flowers, people watch, and take pictures for my Instagram account if that is what I freaking want. I'm not training for a marathon. I'm just getting my move on.

DO SOMETHING REALLY ACTIVE THAT MAKES ME SWEAT. I really had to think about this as I hate to sweat. I decided to think about what I really enjoyed back in the day and decided to get back into badminton. The last time I played was over 15 years ago. I was on the school team and competed in the provincials. That is really back in the day. I went to play for the first last month and I felt like I was going to die. Obviously, I didn't but I certainly believed it at the time.

So, here is my advice to other moms that want to start working out:

1) Just start. There is NEVER going to be a good time. You don't have to start in January or the first of the month. Just start.

2) Fit in a workout whenever you can. If you have 5-10 minutes here and there, just do something and move. It quickly adds up. As moms, it is so hard to block out a dedicated time to workout. It is easier to play it by ear.

3) Chose an activity that you somewhat enjoy or can tolerate. I hate going to the gym because I feel like everyone is looking at me and I don't know how to use all the different machines. Do something you enjoy even if it is unconventional. (Like being part of a medieval fight scene.)

4) Give yourself some credit for trying or accomplishing a workout. I played badminton for the first time in 15 years with people half my age and I survived to tell the tale. Yea. Me!

5) Cut yourself some slack. Yeah, you worked out (burned 50 calories) and then ate half a pumpkin pie right after (consuming +600 calories.) You net +550 but it is still better than not having the workout to deduct from. Plus, there is always tomorrow.