I am a firm believer in constantly evaluating your happiness and evolving from it. To some, it may "look" like I am constantly changing and doing something new. However, to me, I am finding myself, finding happiness, and finding my journey. (Side note, it really doesn't matter to me what my life looks like to others. It shouldn't matter to you either.)

Wishahmon started as a wedding planning and decor company. I loved weddings. It was all I talked about for eight years. I would even chat up strangers on the plane if I saw they had an engagement ring and/or a wedding magazine.

After I had Grace I felt like I couldn't commit to weddings anymore (planning time constraints and weekend commitments). Plus, I just wanted to talk about all things mommy related.

I think I have finally figured out how to merge my my interests. I will be planning events / workshops / meet ups catered for moms on behalf of Milk+Confetti. I will get to work with vendors, plan a totally awesome events, and talk to moms about mom things!!

First up is a DIY Terrarium Workshop!! If you are interested, you can buy tickets here.