As soon as I saw this craft apron pop up on my feed, I knew I had to make it for Grace. That was of course over a year ago. I waited this long because I had asked my partner for a pair of his old jeans and that never came through. He either thought his jeans were too good or the ones he gave me was too old/trashed. Then it dawned on me one day that I can buy a pair of used ones at Value Village. (Yes, took me over a year to have this "dawn" on me.)

Since, I was visiting my in-laws in Lethbridge and they had a Value Village around the corner, I thought this is going to be the day I start this project! Of course, I didn't have a craft room or my own scissors but no more delaying or excuses!

Here are the steps:

1) Buy a pair of jeans. This is harder than you think. I wanted a specific shade of jeans and wanted the fabric to still be sturdy. I opted to "splurge" and got a pair of Levis for the red tab pocket. I was ready to pay a whooping $6.99 until my mother-in-law gave me a 30% off coupon. WHAT?! SWEET!!


2) Cut one of the legs off. I wasn't sure how far up to cut so I cut it up fairly high to have the maximum length for the apron. Of course, I didn't take into consideration Grace's height, so I ended up cutting off a huge chunk of it. Sigh.


3) Open the side seam. I did this by just cutting it off. Lay the pant leg flat.


4) Don't worry about the bunching. Lay it as flat as possible and cut out the sides where the arms go.


5) This should have been good to go but I didn't like the bunching around the neck area so I cut that out too. Inside voice: There won't be much of an apron left if I keep cutting.


6) Use a seam ripper (thank goodness my mother-in-law had one) and cut out one of the back pockets to use as a pocket for the apron. Totally optional but totally cute.


7) Next up are the ties on the back. This took forever for me to decide on. I hated the ties because I know it will be a fight to get them on her every time. I decided to do an adjustable cross back. Hopefully, I will be able to adjust it as she grows. I cut long strips of jean fabric and sewed them to the top of the apron. (I promise this is the only sewing needed. You can hand stitch if you want too.)


8) Measure approximately where you want the buttons to go and cut the button hole. I also used pinking shears to cut the edges of all the fabric too. I'm told this will prevent it from fraying. Worth a try since I found a pair in my mom's old sewing basket.


9) Sew the buttons on and stitch the button hole. If you are savvy with a sewing machine, you can use the button hole function if you would like. I'm not savvy. I used red thread to match the Levis label. Little things me.


10) Once again, not savvy with the sewing machine and I don't have a needle that would work for really thick fabric. Instead of sewing the pocket on the apron, I glued it with fabric glue. Just make sure to let it dry overnight. I put a huge book on top of it as it dried too.


That's it! Done in 10 steps (more or less). This can be a quick project if you can sew and are confident working with fabric. I wasn't so it took me longer. The payoff was worth it. Grace loved it! (FYI - I didn't ask her to pose like this. And yes, she needs to fill out a bit more for this apron.)