It wasn't until I met my partner that I learned about all the different herbs you can cook with. Until then, I was cooking mostly Chinese cuisine and there aren't a lot of herbs used. I still don't know how to cook with most herbs but the recognition of them is even worse. I blame it on them all looking the same and lack of interest on my part.

Last year, my partner built a new deck with a herb garden area. This year, he (went overboard) planting herbs and I look at them puzzled. I told him that if he ever needs a specific herb for a dish, he better get it before he starts to cook or else I will be out there picking everything for him. He just shook his head and said I should try to remember them.

Not happening. I have too much stuff on my mind already. So, the perfect solution was to create some cute garden markers. Some would argue this is a waste of time but aren't most DIY projects anyways? If they have brought me joy, isn't that enough?


Wooden spoons (3 for $1.50 at a dollarstore!)


Mod Podge (Loving this stuff!)

Paint brush




1. Tape off where you want the paint to end and then start painting. Originally, I was going to paint them white or yellow but learned the white didn't provide enough coverage. I switched over to yellow but was worried they would be too bright. Ended up doing them all two-toned.


2. I drew and wrote the herbs on the spoons with a pencil. I actually needed help with this because I had trouble matching the herb to the name.


3. I went over the drawings and words with a black sharpie for higher visibility. After everything dried, I painted the entire spoon with mod podge for waterproofing!