I think everyone knows by now that life changes when you have kids and you don't get the same luxuries that you had before. One of the biggest change (for me) that I missed the most is sleep. I joke with new moms that my favorites things pre-kids were: Having hot showers, eating hot food, and sleeping. Post-kids: My showers are so quick the water doesn't even warm up by the time I'm done. The food I eat is usually room temperature or cold. I literally sleep less, when I can, and accept that on a particular day, I will have to survive on crappy sleep.

Here are my tips on surviving on less sleep:

1) Tag team

If you have a partner or someone that can help. Tag team everything. It doesn't even have to be complete task like I will give our child a bath while you feed her. It can be: I will wash her and you can dress her while I go grab everything she needs for everything for bed. If the task is overwhelming or underwhelming, trade it for something else. Having some interest in task will help you stay awake.

2) More is more

I really hate to accumulate things but having more of some items really help. When Grace was younger, I had a ton of bottles and stuff. That way, it only had to be washed once a day (usually when my partner came home from work.) I honestly did not have the energy to keep a human alive and do dishes several times a day. Best to save up the chores to do all at once (and sometimes by someone else.)

3) Rest when you can

EVERYONE tells you this but I'm telling you to even rest for small increments of time. When you are holding your child to sleep (provided you are safe and sitting down), close your eyes for a bit. This totally counts as rest time. If your child wants to play camping, suggest laying down outside the pretend tent and stare at the pretend stars. When a pretend shooting star, close your eyes and eventually make a wish. #winning.

4) Ask for help

Some days, it just isn't possible to do it all. On those days, don't do it all and delegate. Have a family member help make dinner or even buy dinner.

5) Will yourself to stay awake

BECAUSE you have a little human you need to keep alive.