Wishahmon started in 2007 as a wedding planning and decor company. I started this company because I loved all things wedding related. The wonderful people that followed Wishahmon were brides, industry members, or just loved weddings like me. Over the years, Wishahmon evolved as my life, interests, and passions evolved. I feel it is timely that I re-introduce myself and Wishahmon to new followers or like minded (yet to be) new friends.

1. I am born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, and have always lived in the North end of Calgary. I have no idea what happens or what communities exist past Chinook Centre. Now that Calgary is expanding so quickly, I have no idea what happens past Panorama Hills either.

2. For as long as Wishahmon existed, I have had a full time job that I actually like. As part of my job, I ask a lot of questions to get answers to things that people don't necessarily tell me. Any guesses?

3. Because I ask a lot of questions, it goes hand in hand that I talk a lot. Tele-marketers are doomed when they call and I have been stuck at home sick for three days without a soul to talk to. An example: "I'm doing well How are you doing? When did you start your shift? Do you enjoy your job? What parts of your job do you like?"

4. My parents worked very hard all their lives to provide me the best they can. Because of their work ethics, I always wanted to work harder and to support them back. In order to do this, I became an entrepreneur at a very young age. I made my first five bucks (and a box of oreo cookies) in grade five drawing an oreo cookie for my science teacher. #weird

5. I have a very can do attitude. I feel like I can do, DIY, build, create, hack anything I put my mind to (after watching a youtube video.) I think people were most impressed when I changed the head lights out of my own car after watching a youtube video and asking a ton of questions of a poor Canadian Tire employee.

6. In 2014, I became an "old mom" and my organized life was thrown off the tracks. My daughter thinks my life revolves around her. It is true but I try my best to not let her think that.

7. I hate themed anything but do go overboard when planning events and parties. My OCD nature goes into over drive and EVERYTHING MUST MATCH AND BE ON POINT.

8. I need to work on my OCD nature and let things go. Currently, failing at this. #alwaystomorrow.

9. I hate watching movies at the theatre because I hate to sit still, not do anything, and not talk. That said, if you give me a large bag of popcorn, layered and dripping with butter, I will sit there until the bag is finished. I once finished a movie only to find out my jeans had a massive butter stain from my popcorn.

10. I don't know how to ride a bike, don't do well on any kind of public transportation, and not really into walking either. I mostly have to drive myself.

I hope my existing and new followers will be interested and excited to follow my journey and Wishahmon's new direction!