This project got started because I had a massive bag of stuffing for 3 years (that was going to be for another project) that finally popped. All the stuffing was coming out of this bag because I guess it couldn't stand to be contained in a plastic bag anymore. Rather than put the bag in another bag, I decided I needed to do SOMETHING with this. Enough is enough. Well, actually, enough procrastination on my part.

Because I was on the mission to get rid of this stuffing through a project, I also decided that I cannot buy ANY new materials for this project. I must only use what I have on hand. I had a ton of felt fabric (that was bought for other projects that died) and ribbon so I just laid everything out and stared at it until something came to mind.

I was initially going to make a massive donut but I was limited by my sewing skills and had no idea how I was going to tackle the hole in the middle. I thought about making a Timbit but I also don't know how to sew something round. I was going to make a massive slice of pizza but the dark brown felt I had would have made the pizza look burnt. Days later, I finally decided to make a huge slice of chocolate cake. This was inspired by the (made up) story my daughter is constantly telling me about a fairy that eats chocolate cake in bed.


Massive bag of stuffing (Mine was approximately 16 oz)




Sewing machine


1. Cut out the shape and size of the slice of cake you want. This is for the top and bottom of your cake slice. I didn't have a pattern and didn't think I needed to find one. I just eye balled the triangle (slice of cake) I wanted and cut it. After cutting out the top and bottom of your cake, cut a huge rectangle for the middle of your cake. This will require some measuring as you want to make sure you are covering the entire two sides of your cake. Lastly, cut a small rectangle for the back of your cake slice (not pictured.)


2. To mimic "icing" in between the "layers" of cake, cut strips of ribbon for the long rectangular felt. I also lined the back of the cake with ribbon in hopes this will look like piping. (This was a bust, more to follow on this.)


4. Pin all the pieces together wrong facing and leave a section open so that you can flip it inside out.


5. Sew all the pieces together making sure you leave a gap to flip everything inside out. If you want, you can also snip the corner and at the turn so that you have cleaner corners after it is flipped. (Something I learned and actually remembered from Grade 7 Home Ec class.)


6. Stuff the cake with stuffing. I got Grace to help with this step so that she had some "buy in" with the project. She loved it for 25 seconds.


7. Hand sew the opening shut and then decorate the cake. I was watching the Great British Baking Show when I was attempting to decorate this cake. Not a good idea. I was so inspired and wanted to do so much decorating. When I told my partner (during the show), he just said: "You know you aren't decorating an actual cake right?" Whatever.

I decided my so called piping on the back of the cake was just sad looking. Plus, the colors didn't match. One of the ribbons was white and the other was off white. True, that my daughter would not care but I do. I attempted to do better "pipping" by gathering lace and then sewing it in place. This took freaking forever.

Next, I added some lace flowers that I had taken off a dress years ago to create rosettes at the top of the cake. I added a decorative flower and wanted to add more because "MORE IS MORE" but I was reminded (by my partner) that Grace will likely be playing on sleeping with this, best not to add too too much to it.


When I presented the final product to Grace, she was super excited because (in her words): I made that!! I guess it is true that she DID help a LITTLE bit. The cake itself is almost half as tall as her but she loves bringing this pillow around the house. It now sits on the end of her bed because....fairies like to eat chocolate cake in bed.