Dude, another watch/pair of shoes/pair of glasses?! How many do you really need?

This is what my inside voice used to say when my partner came home with another one or sometimes several of these items at once. (One day, at the end of the year, he came home with four pairs of glasses. He said he had to use up his health benefits. Go figure.) I didn't understand this obsession until I spoke to a guy friend that simply said: "We don't have a lot of accessories. We just have watches, shoes, and glasses to show our unique style. Every single guy wears a shirt and pants to work." Light bulb moment. I get it now.

Back to my partner. He is a professional that works downtown and he wears a shirt and pants to work. When he has important meetings, he will wear a suit jacket and tie but takes them off the minute the meeting is over. When new people meet him (if he thinks he will never see them again) and asks what he does for a living, he tells them he is a carpenter. He is happiest building things with wood and being covered in saw dust. (He even built a canoe once.)


Now that I understood watches is a must have accessory for men's style (according to my guy friend), this made present shopping super easy! I can just get my partner a watch for his birthday/our anniversary/Father's Day/Christmas/whatever. Obviously, not all these occasions because I am not made out of money. But seriously, this saves so much time thinking about what to get him. The only problem I ran into is finding the perfect watch for him. He has so many watches ranging in price, color, style, and formality. Currently, he has over 15 watches, that I know of.

When I learned about JORD (pronounced YODE) watches I knew this could be a winner. I went on their website and looked at the watches and found an amazing number of quality watches made from unique wood. (You eventually learn a thing or two about wood when you hang out with my partner.) You can even get them engraved!!

I got the DOVER watch in Olive and Acacia and it was delivered super fast. When I opened the box, I got a whiff of the sweet smell of wood. The box that the watch came in was also made of wood, and had a drawer on the bottom! The watch itself was so delicately made and surprisingly light to wear. Highly likely that I will be borrowing this watch, although, he might notice if I take some links out to tighten the strap.



Are you intrigued to get a watch for your partner/spouse or even yourself? Did I mention they also have women's watches too?! If so, enter this giveaway for a chance to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD website. Each person that enters will also get a $25 gift code too! Either way, you are getting something for entering! Contest ends September 3, 2017 at midnight. Good luck!