This DIY was really born out of two things/reasons:

1) I wanted my daughter to be able to entertain herself safely when I am cooking dinner at record speed like a crazy person during the week. I try my best to cook a fast dinner but unfortunately, there are always bumps along the way.

2) When I was at my happy place (Micheals), I found this scrapbook paper box on sale for $5. I figured I could surely do something with it.

Because my daughter was almost three years old and have shown an interest in arts and crafts, I thought it would be an interesting (and fairly safe) experiment to give her some craft items to create something of her own without instruction or direction.

Literally, the directions to this DIY is to get a box that is easy for their little fingers to open and to fill it with craft supplies. I had most of the stuff already so I just had to gather a bit of this and that to put into the craft box. Optional is adding a name on the outside of the box. I JUST had enough sticker letters for her name so I put it on. If I didn't, I might have just opted to put the G on it.


Honestly, it is a huge relief for me to see her entertaining herself happily and not getting into too much trouble. When she is done, she proudly shows me the masterpiece she as created. I try to check her craft box once in a while to see what needs to be replenished and I try to add some new "surprises" in there too!