This project started with a trip to Micheals because I had a 55% off coupon. As I told my partner, it was an EPIC coupon and I had to go. His response: I thought 50% off was an epic coupon. I told him: 50% off is epic. 55% off is EPIC. Seriously, why doesn't he get these things?!

Anywho, I went with my sister-in-law and we spent a considerable amount of time in the store. This was because we didn't have anything we "need." We also have an amazing list of to-do projects already too. BUT, that didn't stop me from spotting a gorgeous fall wreath at the store. It was $79.99. I was tempted to get it because:

1) I kinda wanted some color on the front of the house and this was the easiest way.

2) I have a coupon.

3) I am not starting yet another project. It is already done!!

But, of course, the frugal and DIY side of me kicked in and I thought, I should be able to make this on my own for less than $37 (cost of wreath plus tax.) Plus, I was already at a craft supply store! Sheesh!

I ventured off and found what I needed for materials:

2 bunches of fall leaves (buy one get one free)

1 tree branch wreath ($7.99 less 55%)



1) Pull off all the leaves and cut some of them into individual leaves. (Some are stuck together as a group of three.)

2) Start laying them down in one direction and hot glue them into place.


3) Optional: Add berries in between the leaves and fold/glue leaves underneath some of the other ones to give it some depth.

Once again, super easy DIY. It took me about 1.5 hours or 2 episodes of Nashville. Here is a comparison of the inspiration wreath and my DIY version: