Previously, I wrote about how you can be a non-judging mom. But what can you do when parenting shamers keep coming at you?

If you are a mom who reads buzzfeed or knows who Chrissy Teigen is, you will already know she is the queen of #clapback to parenting shamers. She literally does not give a crap about what strangers on twitter are saying about her parenting style. Rightfully so, just because she is a celebrity it doesn't mean her private life is open for people to comment on or worse, shame for her.

Honestly, reading her responses on twitter to parenting shamers really gave me more confidence to parent my child my way and really give zero effs about what others say. I strongly encourage you to read some of her tweets and really channel after her when faced with a parenting shamer.


In the meantime, here are some ways you can be more like Chrissy:

1) Consider the source. Is the source an immediate family member, friend, stranger? I wrote down these individuals in this order based on how much credit I would give them and how polite my responses would be. Some parenting "advice" might have good intentions but horrible execution of it. Things could have been said better/more politely/with more tact but it came across wrong. Take a couple of seconds of thought before taking steps 2 or 3.

2) Consider ignoring them. Yes, it is childish to walk away with your hands on your ears, but hey, you can figure out a way that works for you to ignore these people. The gist is, ignore the comments and think about the reasons why you are parenting the way you are. Likely, you have thought this through and are acting in the best interests of your child. Truly is all that really matters.

3. Consider speaking up. You can come up with something witty but if not a simple PFO works too. This really depends on how you want to respond (or how hurt or how you are feeling that day.) Sometimes you just need to say your peace and let them know what you are feeling.

Remember to never, ever:

1) Feel bad about your parenting style. You are the parent of your child. You know your child the best and you know what works best for your child. (Notice how many times I said "your child"?)

2) Feel like you need to explain yourself and your parenting ways. No one deserves an explanation and quite frankly it is a huge waste of time having to explain yourself each time to each new person. Spend that time playing with your child instead.

3. Feel like you need to say sorry. You don't need to. At most, say "I'm sorry you don't agree with my parenting style. Lucky for me, this is MY child."

Second Photo Credit: John Legend/Instagram