One evening, as I was staring at the closet in my office, I announced to my partner that I am going to create a "CRAFTER'S DREAM CLOSET." His reaction was: Whoa. Then I explained I needed a big name for this project to get me motivated. I know I have a lot of stuff in the closet that I need and hoard (I love boxes). I also know there are a lot of half done projects in there just dying to be completed; dying to be put out of their misery; or died already. (The photo above is a sock bunny. Obviously.)

I wasn't ready to tackle it that night because I needed to research and plan it out properly. In order to do so, I thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of my closet so I could refer to it when I have the time. Honestly, I didn't think this closet was that bad until I took the pictures. It was like my dirty little secret. Yikes.

Front view (top and bottom):


Left side (top and bottom):


Right side (top and bottom):


Seriously, how did it get to this point?! I decided this project needed to be bumped up in priority, like immediately. Here is what I did to tackle this project:

1) I donated all the things that I didn't care for. This was the easy part. I love to donate or give away things that others would have better use for or have more enjoyment with. This process helped clear out a lot of space.

2) I donated or recycled some things that I did care for. This was a lot harder but cleared out even more space.

3) I moved all the things that should be in other rooms in the first place. For example, I had my childhood Chinese books in a box that I was saving to read to Grace. She is no where close to that stage so it could be stored some where else. This prime real estate should be for every day things.

4) Once things started to clear out and I was emptying the space, I needed to figure out the best way to utilize the space. I had some shelves on the one side but thought I would benefit from having shelves on the other side too. I removed the corner piece from the wire shelving and kept the top shelf. I figured it is always good to have options. It can easily be converted back into a closet for clothes if I remove the shelving one day. My partner installed the shelves for me because he didn't believe in my so called measurements.

5) Putting similar items together. All the office supplies are now next to each other rather than having binders up top, dividers in between boxes, and paper on the floor. I did the same thing with craft items. Having and putting like items together was a real #gamechanger.

6) Organizers. I hate using organizers because I am constantly reading that it is just a way to keep and store more stuff. BUT I needed some because my "like with like" game was going strong. I decided I will try to repurpose items from the home instead of buying actual organizers. As such. I made my own magazine holders from cereal boxes and donated eight pairs of shoes in order to have the clear shoe boxes for my closet.

7) The last thing I did was move things around until it looked nice to me. I liked looking at Grace's scrapbook so it is now front and center. I made sure I had plenty of open space to have some pretty things to look at too!

I kinda happy with the results of this project! Here are the after pictures of this project:

Front view (top and bottom):


Right side (top and bottom):


Left side (top and bottom):


(Yes, that is a I LOVE BACON sticker.)