Growing up, I was told to be gentle with my skin because if I rub it or do too much with it, I will have more wrinkles when I grow up. I adhered to this somewhat growing up. As I got older and my skincare routine included more steps, I started to grow weary of this “tip.” I asked myself, how is it that I’m doing more with my skin and yet I look better?!

Then one day, I learned Christie Brinkley (iconic supermodel I grew up seeing in magazines) has flawless skin because she is exfoliates her skin EVERY DAY for the last 40 years! She had read an article 40 years ago saying men always look five years younger than women who are their same age. This could have been due to them shaving every day and in turn exfoliating their skin. This information changed my mindset and skincare routine immediately. Being gentle on your skin is a misconception.

Rather than listening (and following) skincare tips from random people, I thought I should listen to science. Yes, science. That class you took in school but wondered how it can actually apply to real life.

About a year ago, I was introduced to a new technology called “derma-rolling” or “micro-exfoliation.” (Different brands call it different things.) Both of these technologies utilizes a roller with tons of teeny, tiny needles you roll onto your face. It sounds painful but it really isn’t. Here is the science behind this: Fractionated exfoliation occurs at the point of contact between micro-exfoliating tips and the surface of the skin. When done daily, there is an improvement in skin tone and texture because it encourages a boost in collagen. As you age, it is inevitable there will be a loss in collagen.

Another added benefit to this is whatever serum or lotion you use directly after this is absorbed quicker into the skin. You don’t have to worry about all the good stuff just sitting on top of your skin and not really working or doing its magic.

The technology I chose to use and love is Rodan+Fields Redefine AMP MD System. I have the first generation roller and they recently came out with a newer and sleeker version! If you want to combat fine lines and uneven skin tone, I highly recommend getting yourself a roller and serum!