This year, I decided early on that I wasn't going to decorate pumpkins because it is a lot of work. I also didn't think my daughter really cared that much last year anyways. Obviously, things have changed from last year to this year because my daughter is now three years old and understands the concept of Jack-O-Lanterns. This was just great.

My (original) intention and vision was to have cute pumpkins around as decor. This really bit me in the butt because it meant they all had to be decorated. I had four pumpkins in total and I did three of them with my daughter IN ONE NIGHT. (The fourth was for a work decorating event. Also, just great. More to come on that one.)


Level of difficulty: Low (Medium with kid's help)

Amount of mess: Low

Impressiveness: Low

I had no idea these existed until I brought them home and realized they were not stickers. This is what happens when you buy things in a rush the day before Halloween. Gracie helped with putting the tattoos on the pumpkin but kind of lost interest when we needed to keep the tattoo wet before removing. Result was fine. I didn't think it looked great because it didn't have clean lines but she loved the final product.



Level of difficulty: Low

Amount of mess: Low

Impressiveness: Medium

I searched for stickers but couldn't find any, anywhere. I ended up giving up on my search and decided she wouldn't notice the third pumpkin. Of course, I was wrong. I ended up digging some foam stickers out and she did most of it herself. The result was a bright, colorful, and cute pumpkin!



Level of difficulty: Higher than the other two but I wouldn't say high

Amount of mess: Super High

Impressiveness: High

We opened up the pumpkin and got Grace to scoop and clean it out. I thought this would be great sensory play for her and maybe a deterrent for next year if she realizes she needs to do some of the work. Nope. she loved every moment of it. I started carving the pumpkin after she went to bed. Pro: I could do it in peace. Con: I was so tired from the day, I carved it with a sharp knife with my eyes half closed.

Another thing I learned this year was templates exist for pumpkin carving! Last year, I drew free hand a Peppa Pig and chiselled it. This year, I printed off a Dora the Explorer template and carved with that. So much easier but still the same amount of mess. I was literally covered in pumpkin by the time I was done.

The next morning, Grace saw her pumpkin, loved it, and immediately gave me a hug. All worth it. Will likely do this again next year but will only buy one pumpkin.


Happy Halloween everyone and stay safe when treat or treating!