This project started off as a gallery wall but I changed it to an "inspiration" wall for two reasons:

1) It is in my home office and I need to reclaim it back as my office. Since my daughter turned one years old, she started to use my office for arts and crafts. While I love sharing the room with her, I'm hoping to occupy at least 50% of that room.

2) I need to feel inspired again for my business. Couple of months ago, I handed off the mommy blog I co-founded to focus on Wishahmon. I am happy with how I have rebranded but I would like to focus on growing my brand now.

It was not easy designing this wall because I struggled between starting from scratch with everything new versus reusing what I have. I wanted to build everything around the sun shaped graphic I drew but knew (deep down) I had to part with it because it took up too much space and was just too hard to work with the new things. The second struggle came with the actual design. I ended up just putting everything on the floor and rearranging it until it looked good to me. My inspirational wall had three main components to it:


I looked for weeks for a new bulletin board but couldn't find anything I liked. The existing ones I had didn't have a border (which I love) and I made a DIY cover for them to match the room. I opted to keep my existing bulletin boards. They were functional and I kinda still liked them. I have two of them because I usually separate them into projects I have going on. (I'm so organized right?!)

One thing I added was a DIY white board. Most of the DIY tutorials you see on Pinterest is a plain whiteboard. I designed my own on Canva with a quote and three boxes. The three boxes is to help me prioritize my to-do's and my to-think's month by month. (As an entrepreneur, I found it super helpful to focus each month with a separate theme of what to do and think. More on that in a later blog post.)



I have two main quotes on the wall. The first one is a redesign of the one I drew: "carry a thankful heart." I remind myself daily of what I have to be thankful for. The second one I found at Winner's for $5 in the clearance section and it really spoke to me. I really hate it when people say I am so lucky. I hate this word. I am not lucky, I worked damn hard for what I accomplished. This sign said "The harder you work, the luckier you get." So true.



I like to think I haven't changed as an entrepreneur but I definitely have. I still have the same mentality and drive but my focus is different now. I am now a mom boss. I absolutely love this graphic from Red Paper Boutique. It reminds me of my new identity. This picture of Grace and I was taken by Amy of Modern Nest Photography. It is the happiest picture of me. Looking at it reminds me of happiness, why I want to accomplish more, and who I am working for.