I know, it is so hard tostay in shape as a mom. (Almost) even harder doing it while on budget. You might not be able to tell from my "round" shape, but I have never bought a gym membership or hired a personal trainer before. If you are wanting to get into shape or stay in shape, these are two very logical solutions people steer towards. Not me. Not only am I cheap but I also know I will not fully utilize my gym membership for the following reasons: I will not commit the time, I will not want to leave the house to get to the gym, and I will not want other people around looking at me.

Ok, enough with the negatives. On to the positives: I did figure out ways to stay in shape and on budget. It took a little soul searching (what works for me) and a bit of trial and error (I hate running inside but kinda love it outside.) Here are some of the things that works for me:


Every little bit matters and counts. According to some stats pulled in the infographic provided by Loan and Go, we should be doing about four hours of physical activity EVERY DAY. It took me a long time to realize I don't have to schedule a block of time to go to the gym. I can just do squats in my office every couple of hours. I can walk to the mall during my lunch hour (or power walk to make my heart really pump) rather than taking the train. Going to gymnastics with my three year old daughter counts too. Running after her to get her clothes on counts too. You might surprise yourself how much you actually move during the day. Just be mindful and try to do a bit more each day.


You can find a ton of exercise videos on youtube. My favorite is Cassey Ho of Blogilates. She is super motivating and her workouts are efficient because they target several areas at a time. If you sign up for emails, she sends you even more workout routines. Of course, you can also check out your local library for workout DVDs too.


I used to read my Groupon emails only for spa stuff but when you look closer, there are a lot of promotions for health and fitness too. If you can (or willing) to go to a gym to workout, consider looking for discounts before you really shell out the cash to get a membership. If you have a favorite gym or studio you want to try, keep your eye out for their own promotions too. Usually there are a lot close to the new year!

Not convinced you can stay in shape on a budget? Check out some additional suggestions made by Loan and Go on how to save while exercising.