Two of my favorite things are jeans and old school toys. I grew up in a very different era where we didn't have the internet or very many toys. Most of my toys were even handmade by my mom. I never felt poor growing up and I still remember some of my favorite toys were the ones my mom made for me. Now that I have a daughter, I too want her to create handmade toys and for her to create her own special memories.

The DIY hobby horse idea came to me after I saw how excited she was when she saw one in store. I could have just bought it from the store but of course, I had to try to DIY it. (Isn't that more fun anyways?!) One of the major roadblocks with this project was finding the perfect fabric that can with stand a lot of wear and tear. I mean, I want her to play with it afterall! A pair of old jeans was the perfect solution.

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