You probably have heard the trending term "tribe" a lot lately. Truth is, it is so important to find and build your tribe. Sure you will always have the family you were born with but surrounding yourself with people you love and love you back is also important. Through each member of your tribe, you give and get something different that grows you from within.

Growing up in a Chinese household, we didn't show a lot of affection. I knew (or assumed) my parents loved me but honestly I don't remember hearing them say "I love you" to me very often. When my daughter was born, I knew I wanted to shower her and tell her that I love her. I wanted her to know. Because of this new practice of saying and showing affection, I can now say, I love all the members of my tribe (and have told them:)

DOREEN – My forever friend that is a only six days older than me. We are both Leos and straight shooters. There is never any beating around the bush on what we want from the other person; or what we think of the other person (and their fashion choices.) We have total trust in each other and we don't ask questions regardless of how unreasonable/awful the request might sound.

LISA – Friend when I need to just vent or not be a mom all the time. This is the friend you know you will be growing old with where we will be driving each other to dental appointments to get our false teeth. There are no barriers between us and we even joked about opening a savings account together because our money is constantly being meshed together. Friends aren’t petty with each other, even when it comes to money.

IVY – Friend that allows me to indulge in whatever business idea I have in the moment. I constantly have new business ideas that I pitch to her. She smiles and kindly reminds me I asked had asked her last year to stop me from pursing new ideas for the next six months. She keeps me on track in relation to my entrepreneurial ideas and spirit. She is also not afraid to tell me when my "million dollar idea" is actually a "dollar store idea."

YAN - Friend that will always be there if needed. Back when I had a wedding decorating company, she was my rock. She would always be available to help when I needed it or was in a time crunch. Now that I don't have that company anymore, she still avails herself when I need her, for pretty much, anything.

KB – My only guy in my tribe that sees me as one of the guys. He doesn’t take any BS from me and dishes it out the same. He calls me out when needed and let's me vent loudly first. The perfect person to offer a different perspective on pretty much anything. Not because he sees things differently but he wants to challenge me to think from all sides of an issue.

Who is in your tribe? When was the last time you told them that you love them? Remember Valentine's Day is to celebrate all types of love with all the people you love! Tell them you love them today and every day!